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 Name:    Shraddhesh
 Comment:    31-5-2018 @ 09:56 

Website is not good

 Name:    Komal Mule
 Comment:    17-5-2018 @ 11:15 

Good Software available . Thank you.

 Name:    Vijay
 Comment:    18-4-2013 @ 16:05 

Great work,,Jalgaon Rockxxzzzz

 Name:    shantanu
 Comment:    17-9-2012 @ 11:32 


 Name:    Avinash Madhukar Jedhe
 Comment:    16-12-2007 @ 17:38 

I like this site.

 Name:    monika
 Comment:    14-9-2007 @ 12:01 

I am happy to see websight of Jalgaon city.I liked your web -site, It is very informative, but it still require more technical information.

 Name:    Terapanthi ramesh surat
 Comment:    10-9-2007 @ 22:12 

Thanks for good maintain preksha

 Name:    suresh
 Comment:    30-7-2007 @ 18:24 

tally dealers in andhrapradesh

 Name:    mathew
 Comment:    25-6-2007 @ 10:25 

It is good to see your web thankyou.
Like to know more about bulk messaging which i can do myseklf for my churh members and friends

 Name:    Archana Purohit
 Comment:    20-3-2007 @ 14:04 

Your site is too good, I got lot of information.

 Name:    Mahesh Patil
 Comment:    27-2-2007 @ 11:05 

You are Best Service Provider in Jalgaon District for Web Hosting & S/w Development.


Regards : Mahesh Sir

 Name:    Subhash P. Borole From Engaon
 Comment:    22-2-2007 @ 01:23 is the best web I like

 Name:    ritesh kumar
 Comment:    13-2-2007 @ 13:00 

a good site for a latest trend & technology

 Comment:    1-2-2007 @ 14:44 

intreasted in opening training center at chhattisgarh raipur

 Name:    Malyala Ram
 Comment:    9-11-2006 @ 16:47 

tally software is suitable for Oil and Gas Indurstry business (like companies those whore doing the business exploration of petrol and gas, why i am asking this question is this type of business is gnerall taken with jointly and involve two types currencies .
Kindly give me reply at the earliest now .
Are you providing any manual not availbel in private market , i want book from tally only .

 Name:    Shilpa
 Comment:    27-10-2006 @ 14:52 

Good web site company from Jalgaon !

 Name:    Rajendra Rade
 Comment:    3-9-2006 @ 23:07 

Good website designed for Jalgaon District. This will be very useful for us who are working in mumbai.

Thanks a lot.

 Name:    Ashesh Patel
 Comment:    23-8-2006 @ 20:21 

I liked your web -site, It is very informative, but it still require more technical information.

Wishing you best for more added features in Diskless PC Solution.


 Name:    prakash singhi
 Comment:    31-7-2006 @ 15:25 

thank you for accepting

 Name:    shrenik raj
 Comment:    16-4-2006 @ 21:26 

it's a best solution of accounting. i like it very's my bussiness solution. at present i using its old version. so soon i will take the new version.