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SANTRONIX IVR solution for work force management

Team SANTRONIX in association with pulse is introducing a range of robust, scalable and customisable solutions interactive voice response soultions for virtually every industry. Over technology promotion alliance with pulse team can improve your telecommunication systems and the way you use your computers and communication devices.

With over 10 years of experience and product refinement with our technology partners enables us to deliver the best technology for your systems - and a solid technology base is the main foundation for today's successful organizations.

Discover how we can improve your telecommunications systems with a range of solutions for various segments. Please click on the link below for sector specific IVR application or browse through this page for detailed application information.

Do take a moment to view our cost effective IVR software products catalogue by clicking here. Please do not hesitate to write to us/ call us for any of your queries and our presentation and detailed proposal on IVR solution to matching your requirements thereof.


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IVR for work force management:
Today, businesses face many more challenges than they did yesterday. With workforce management modules targeted to optimize current business practices, pulsevoice provides a tangible methodology for increasing productivity and reducing costs. The pulse system for time and attendance reporting - pulsestar - and the pulse system for time and attendance scheduling - pulsestats - were developed to help busy companies with the arduous tasks of time and attendance reporting and scheduling logistics for all levels of part or full time staff, contract workers, telecommuters, etc. This automation also helps to reduce payroll and keypunching errors, and improve data collection time and processing.

An IVR offers a comfortable operating environment for all levels of staff and management. By simply dialing into the system, and speaking or key punching requests, pulsevoice provides cost-effective, instant access to many additional features and functionality like general information lines, employee surveys, benefit details, health and safety information.

Time and Attendan Reporting - pulsestar:
The pulsestar module is simple to use. It provides your organization with standard timekeeping functionality as well as enhanced functionality to automatically address time consuming tasks like attendance reporting, vacation requests, payroll processing, etc. an automated time
and attendance system is a great benefit to those companies with multi-site operations, as time delays to process punch cards or waiting for couriers to arrive have been eliminated.
Overall productivity is greatly improved with pulsestar, as employees (part-time, full-time, contract, on call, and stand-by) can easily make their reports by calling into the system from a standard or cellular telephone in a secure environment.

Pulsestar provides security and fraud controls in two ways. The first uses caller ID. When an employee calls into pulsestar, the ANI (automatic number identification) of the telephone is verified against the ANI on file in the system. The other security measure utilizes speech recognition. In this case, pulsestar authenticates the employee's voiceprint to the patterns of the caller before proceeding.

Automation also helps to provide instant access to corporate standards and information between human resources departments and all levels of employees no matter where they are physically located. One system, one database, unlimited potential.

pulsestar Inbound Functionality:

  • attendance recording
  • punch in/out for start/end of workday, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, etc.
  • absentee reporting (sick days, personal days)
  • vacation requests
  • requests for available vacation days or accumulated overtime hours
  • call tracking with caller ID and call block options
  • real-time exception alerts

pulsestar Outbound Functionality:

  • department heads, supervisors, managers receive messages about employee attendance via telephone or email
  • contractors, on call or standby workers are sent requests to come in employees receive vacation approval notifications
  • improved project cost tracking
  • optional fax integration

pulsestar Reporting:

  • hours by employee, job, or department
  • pay rules
  • current or projected overtime
  • absentee days by employee or department
  • vacations days by employee
  • and much more.

pulse System for Time and Attendance Scheduling - pulsestats

With the pulsestats module, scheduling is a breeze. Management can optimize their workforce productivity as pulsestats helps them plan shifts by employee, skill sets, preferences that comply with federal regulations or union rules. Based on a template tuned to your specific criteria, pulsestats ensures each shift is operating at the optimum number of personnel with the right mixture of skill sets. Any variance to the standard, and pulsestats instantly alerts the manager or supervisor. Your personnel will also enjoy using pulsestats to bid on available shifts, verify their
current schedule and/or trade shifts with other employees.

pulsestats Inbound Functionality:

  • bid on available shifts
  • verify current shift and schedule information
  • trade shifts
  • employee schedule availability

pulsestats Outbound Functionality:

  • notifications of schedules to employees
  • notifications of changes, transfers, trades of schedules to employees or management
  • notifications to on call, standby or contract personnel
  • approval notifications
  • optional fax integration

pulsestats Reporting:

  • automated scheduling
  • forecast schedules and cost
  • keep track of budget hours
  • employee or department data
  • project costs
  • hours by employee, job, or department

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