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SANTRONIX IVR solution for educational institutions

Team SANTRONIX in association with pulse is introducing a range of robust, scalable and customisable solutions interactive voice response soultions for virtually every industry. Over technology promotion alliance with pulse team can improve your telecommunication systems and the way you use your computers and communication devices.

With over 10 years of experience and product refinement with our technology partners enables us to deliver the best technology for your systems - and a solid technology base is the main foundation for today's successful organizations.

Discover how we can improve your telecommunications systems with a range of solutions for various segments. Please click on the link below for sector specific IVR application or browse through this page for detailed application information.

Do take a moment to view our cost effective IVR software products catalogue by clicking here. Please do not hesitate to write to us/ call us for any of your queries and our presentation and detailed proposal on IVR solution to matching your requirements thereof.


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IVR solution for educational institutions - colleges, schools, large-scale technical education government authorities:
Our education application has all the features required by any large or small institution. They can be added on as modules and automation of the overall system will greatly increase productivity. This automation will dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of the school's administrative personnel while providing a flexible and cost-effective service. It is designed in such a manner that it suits best for the students, parents and teachers to be up to date with academic progress and school activities.

We can connect to any back-end database or mainframe directly. The beauty of the system is that it can utilize the current school or department infrastructure without making changes to the database. By performing specific requests, it can playback pertinent information to the user, and our autodialer system can send out important information.

Allow information and account management for:

  • Student progress checkup
  • Course registration
  • Course grades
  • Homework hotline
  • Substitute teacher availability
  • Route changes for school bus
  • School information on upcoming events
  • Absence notification
  • Conferencing for teachers and students meetings
  • Online surveys
  • Online examinations and course information
  • Conferencing students with after school help

DIALER Applications:
Allow information and account management for:

  • Parents/teachers meeting reminder
  • Alert students on special news
  • Automated messages for students
  • Absence notification
  • School information on upcoming events


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