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Team SANTRONIX in association with pulse is introducing interactive voice response soultions for call centres. The smartdialer IVR solution is one of unique and most popular IVR solution for call centres all around the globe.

The smartdialer solution for call centres avails automatic or predictive dialer for tele-marketing and proactive communications. This call centre IVR solution is feature rich with all solutions for outbound call centres and has server based dialer solution with voice logger capabilities and sophisticated outbound call management capabilities to improve agent productivity. It also comes with blended inbound solution that contains IVR, ACD and CTI on one software bundle as per your requirements.

This IVR solution is an ideal cost-effective platform for reduced investments and best of productivity through service agents. Please take a moment to navigate through detalied feature sheet and feel free to write to us for any of your queries thereof.

Do take a moment to view our cost effective IVR software products catalogue by clicking here. Please do not hesitate to write to us/ call us for any of your queries and our presentation and detailed proposal on IVR solution to matching your requirements thereof.


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CALL CENTRES IVR Solution - Smartdialer Features:   Special Features of Smartdialer IVR for Call Centres:
  • Cost Effective, increased Returns on Investment, scalable, easy to implement IVR solution
  • Feature rich with all functionalities for an Outbound Call Center
  • Server based dialer solution with Voice Logger
  • Blended with Inbound solution that contains IVR, ACD, and CTI in one pack (Optional as per client requirements)
  • Various dialer modes - Auto Dialer, Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Predictive Dialer
  • Increased Agent effciency using Advanced Call Classification tools
  • Security measures that supports strict adherence to Industry regulations
  • Manage Campaigns efficiently using high List Management Tools


  • Support Multiple Campaign and offer customised Screen pop-up for each campaign
  • Campaign Management Tools include:
    • Add/ Edit Campaigns, Add/ Edit Dispositions, Add/ Edit Schedules
    • Download Templates
    • Upload Numbers
  • Lead Management Tools include:
    • Lead Transfer
    • Duplicate/ Delete Campaigns
    • Add/ Remove leads to already uploaded leads
    • Add/ Remove leads to Current Schedule
    • Leads allotment to individual agents and transfer of Sales Voices File to a convenient Location
  • Recycle of Leads: Based on Agent dispositions and dialer dispositions
  • Interactive Screen pop (GUI) containing provisions for Wrap-up call and End call by click of a button
  • Ability to transfer and conference calls using the Screen Pop.
  • Supports Hot transfer of calls
  • Agent scripts and rebuttals in the screen-pop giving complete information required for agent
  • Real time monitor of calls for Supervisors, Quality Analyst and Admin
  • Call Barging for Supervisors and Quality Analyst
  • 100% Call logging
Administrative Features of Smartdialer Call Center IVR Solution:   Call Center IVR Software Reporting Features:
  • Addition of Agents, Supervisors and Quality Analyst
  • Allotment of Agents, Supervisors and Quality Analyst to different Campaigns
  • Set-up of different parameters for campaign
  • Privileges for management of campaigns
  • Add / Edit Agent & Supervisors scripts and rebuttals
  • Campaign management based on different time zones in campaign destination country.
  • CDR Reports – Agent-wise & Campaign-wise
  • Agent-wise Call & Campaign-wise call Summary
  • Agent performance reports
  • Agent Shift report
  • Call disposition & Dialer disposition based reports
  • Sales Report – Shift based & Campaign based
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Customized report generation based on client’s reporting format.
  • Provision to be downloaded to excel sheet
Our IVR Support System:    
  • Reliable Support:
    • Stree Tested
    • 24x7 Support System
  • Instant Live Support through Messengers - During Office Hours
  • Instant E-mail Support

Please do not hesitate to write to us/ call us for any of your queries and our brief Presentation on IVR Solution thereof.


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