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SANTRONIX Other Services

Electronic Data Processing Services:
Electronic data processing is a work of high skill along with balanced speed and timely target matching. With printing experience of over a million pages on different category of printers, we are adroit and the best data processing solution division.
Electronic data processing is another important requirement of non-computerised/ computerised organisations in the business and government sector. We at SANTRONIX also provide them with electronic data processing as well as complete job work solutions at very attractive rates also.

Computer Based Astrology/Kundli from SANTRONIX:
We at SANTRONIX offer computer based astrology/ kundli service to facilitate astrologers & readers to get exact scientific 100% error-free calculation of charts and kundli. This helps them to analyse things more effectively and give more results and analysis of the things. We advise to consult a proper experienced astrologer/ reader for getting more details of charts.

To get acurate and most reliable results, we use latest and astrology standard recommended softwares that provides output ranging from 1 page to 100 pages and is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujrathi languages in CP and KP formats as required by readers.

We also offer internet based online astrology service enabling you to get your detailed charts and kundli at a click of mouse. You can order any of astrology modules ONLINE and even you can pay ONLINE through our 100% secured and best payment gateways that accepts all major credit cards and netbanking accounts.

Document Translation Service:
Increasing consumer awareness and FMCG market has generated need of setting and offering users with post-sales support. The user manuals and getting started kits availed in regional languages has proven to be a successful module for many companies and industries. Our team of expert language translators not only makes sure of accuracy but it preserves the theme line and key factors that could prove more significant to users.
We also offer regional languages to indian language translation services for corporates, industries willing to promote their products and services on a global level. Our renown english readers and author team makes sure to deliver world class translation service and assures best of response to clients.
Technical writing is in demand and we at SANTRONIX offer specialised technical writing service that includes a team of members having core technical knowledge in respective fields to assure best possible ready to Use - user manuals/ support guides/ getting started kits/ welcome kits.

Internet Services:
We are the pioneers of starting up internet browsing centres from year 1998 in jalgaon city of Maharashtra, India. It offered internet services to end users and organisations. The main objective of this unit was to create internet awareness among all sections of the society. It offered internet browsing at lowest reasonable rates for the users along with various promotional packs.
The nature of internet browsing services and its usage is rapidly changing. Recent media reports have suggested that more youth oriented communities are making misuse of it forcing government to lay down more strict parameters and governing laws thereof.
The internet browsing business facing tough times added with thinest margin lines and increasing bandwidth related problems could not make the business module a viable and feasiable one. Hence we at team SANTRONIX have dropped this service from our business. SANTRONIX no more offers internet browsing service at its any of centres/ office.

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