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Bulk Electronic Data Processing Services

Electronic data processing is a work of high skill along with balanced speed and timely target matching. With printing experience of over a million pages on different category of printers, we are adroit and the best data processing solution division.

Electronic data processing is another important requirement of non-computerised/ computerised organisations in the business and government sector. We at SANTRONIX also provide them with electronic data processing as well as complete job work solutions at very attractive rates also.

We also undertake sub-contracts for large scale government organisation projects to assure a LOCAL LEAD and TIMELY output for various large scale companies taking bulk contracts of works. Our team also offers banking sector special data-processing and mailer service. Backed with multiple internet connections and good bandwidth, we avail and offer local client mailers and account related material online access and postage to enable bankers to give services quickly, efficiently, and in cost effctive manner.

Some of Our Valued Clients:

  • Income Tax Department, Jalgaon
  • Multi Media Features Pvt Ltd, Jalgaon
  • Jalgaon Municipal Council, Jalgaon
  • Public Works Department, Nashik Division
  • District Collector Office, Jalgaon

Please feel FREE to communicate us with your exact needs and other schedules there of.


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