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Team SANTRONIX is proud to announce starting up of tally sales and services solutions. SANTRONIX is Official Tally Partner and Tally Service Partner. We offer following tally solutions.

Tally has discontinued Tally 7.2 sales and support. All Tally 7.2 users would now require paid upgrade to Tally 9. Click here to know more about Tally 9.

1. Tally Sales (Single User/ Multi User):
SANTRONIX tally sales is your one stop solution to buy tally software. Tally is currently offering version 7.2 in single user & multi user versions. The tally IES 7.2 begun its journey in year 2005 with announcement of value aded tax (VAT) being introduced. The tally IES 7.2 had releases begun with release 1.0, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.2, 1.3, 1.41, 1.42, 2.1,3.0,3.11, 3.12, 3.13 and is currently at release 3.14 having all latest features and facilities.

Tally's latest Business Accounting Software - Tally 7.2, Release 3.14

Discover how to simplify all VAT, TDS and service tax related accounting procedures, increase your business profitability and be in total control.

Simplify your business accounting processes with Tally 7.2


  • The latest Business Accounting Software designed to simplify VAT, Service Tax and TDS formalities.
  • Generates State specific Statutory Returns.
  • Covers all CST Specific Information
  • Allows VAT on Margin
  • Generates E-TDS Report
  • Enhances your business profitability, while keeping you in complete control of your business enterprise.
  • VAT implementation effective 1st April 2005, will change the way you run your business. It will change the way you buy, sell, trade, maintain your books of accounts, file your tax returns...
  • Tally 7.2 simplifies your business accounting processes to manage the change
  • When your business runs on the feature-rich Tally 7.2, life becomes extremely simple. Tally 7.2 is designed to be the ultimate solution to help you eliminate all the accounting complexities of VAT, Service Tax and TDS, with ease. This means, you will not have to employ any additional staff, expensive consultants or spend your valuable time sweating over the details of any tax related or regulatory issues. With Tally 7.2 all you need to ensure is accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents, reports and Statutory Returns will be generated automatically. What's more, Tally's legendary Power of Simplicity has proven to be the perfect solution for all Accounting and Inventory needs.

Value Added Tax (VAT TAX):
If VAT procedures sound complex, Tally 7.2 simplifies every aspect, now you can:

  • Determine user-defined VAT rates on products, classification of Purchase & Sales transactions based on VAT definitions
  • Generate VAT-compliant invoices
  • Collate VAT reports containing input tax paid, output tax collected, carry forward balance and net tax payable
  • File specific monthly/quarterly and annual Statutory Returns and forms compliant with the laws of your state… just to name a few.

Service Tax:
If Service Tax is your worry, Tally 7.2 helps you to:

  • Determine user-defined Service Tax rates and applicability of these rates from a given date
  • Track input tax credit and adjust it against Service Tax collected and provide information on net payable
  • Generate half yearly, annual Returns and TR-6 Challans, at the blink of an eye-lid.

TDS: If TDS is your concern, Tally 7.2 helps you:

  • Determine user-defined expense/payment type with user-defined rates
  • Auto-deduction of TDS, based on pre-defined rates once the transaction exceeds the threshold limit
  • Generate Challans and Form-16A Certificate
  • Generate and file quarterly and annual Returns within the specified 25 day period
  • Generate e-TDS files in NSDL compatible formats.

Easy access to critical financial information
Tally 7.2 takes care of all your accounting, inventory and statutory requirements, like balance sheet, receivables/payables, comprehensive MIS reports, statutory returns etc., as required by you and the concerned state authorities. With tally 7.2, up-to-date information is available at your fingertips, keeping you better informed and helping you to make quicker business decisions.

Tally 7.2 - an Integrated Enterprise Solution with Complete Accounting, Inventory and Reporting capabilities.

What does Tally 7.2 offer
• Single-User Edition
• Multi-User Edition
at amazingly attractive prices

Tally 7.2 - Best for Statutory Returns
Designed to simplify VAT, Service Tax and TDS - the all new Tally 7.2 now provides Statutory Reporting capability.

• VAT enabled with State specific Statutory Returns
• Service Tax enabled which generates Returns/Challans
• TDS enabled with e-TDS capability, Printing of Certificates/ Challans

Tally 7.2 - Best for Simple Accounting
• Complete Book-keeping
• Books, Registers and Statements of Accounts
• General Ledger
• Outstandings Management, including Credit Limits
• Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
• Flexible Voucher Numbering
• Flexible Classification of Account Heads
• Bird's eye View
• Drill Down Display n Date based Reporting
• Voucher and Cheque Printing
• Columnar Reports
• Bank Reconciliation

What makes Tally 7.2 the best
• Simplicity
• Speed
• Power n Flexibility
• No Codes n Real-Time
• Online Help

2. Tally Customisation:
We offer all types of tally customisation solutions through tally 6.3 and all above versions. So next time when you feel you need a custom look sales bill, special report(s), additional module... Just fill in the form here/ call us. We will study your requirement feasibility and incorporate those changes asap.
So don't worry, buy tally and be worry free with the best of accounting.
Tally 7.2/ 9 Customisation - Click for more details

3. Tally Data Restore:
Worried of data corruption in tally? Data locked due to electricity issue? Data locked due to network error(s)? Fill in form herein/ contact us. We assure best possible tally data recovery.


Tally 7.2/ 9 Customisation - Click for more details

Tally 9
Buy Tally 9 Online

Particulars Best Buy Rs.
Delivery Inclusive
Tally 9 South Asia Edition - Silver - Single User Version
18,000Buy Tally 9
Tally 9 South Asia Edition - Gold - Multi User Version
54,00Buy Tally 9

(All Prices in Indian Rupees)
(Prices Valid till stock last)
(Prices are inclusive of all Taxes)

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Tally 9/ 8.1/ 7.2

Tally Support Lines
Tally Support:
Available from 9AM to 9PM all Working Days

Toll FREE Nos:

(For BSNL & MTNL Customers)
+91 80 – 25732559 /
+91 80 – 25638240

Tally 7.2/ 9 Customisation - Click for more details
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