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Santronix internet special courses

Welcome in SANTRONIX software training section. Looking to get started in computers and internet? Wanna lay down perfect internet foundation? Santronix is your right choice for variety and quality of training. We offer a wide range of computer software/ internet training courses matching to your educational profile.

The following table lists detailed information on various Internet Special Training Courses available, course content, and duration required to study the course. Please feel free to write to us for any of your queries thereof.

Please note that all courses mentioned below are available at our selected study centres/ training offices/ franchise centres only. Please click here to visit list of our training centres.

Skill Set

Contents Duration
Internet A Quick Review Net Basics, Browsing, E-mail, Search Engine, Greetings, Chatting

3 Days
Daily 1 Hour

Santronix Web Magic

Net Basics, Browsing, E-mail, Netscape Composer, File Uploading

7 days
Daily 1 Hour
INTERNET A Quick Review Windows, Net Fundamentals, Browsing, E-mail, Search Engines, Netscape Composer

1 Month
Daily 1 Hour

Certificate Course In Multimedia Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Animator Pro, Adobe Illustrator

4 Months
Daily 1 Hour

Web Authoring Web Fundamentals, FrontPage Express, Search Engine Rating

3 Months
Daily 1 Hour

Santronix Web Authoring Diploma Web Basics, Netscape Composer, FrontPage 2000, Java Scripts, Forms, E-commerce Issues & Support, Image Basics, Photoshop/ Impact, GIF Animator, CorelDraw, Image Mapping

6 Month
Daily 2 Hour

Java Programming Java Concepts, Advantages, Coding, Java Scripts, Sample Project

2 Months
Daily 1 Hour

Oracle Programming A Cultural Approach to Programming RDBMS Concepts, SQL, Oracle, Developer 2000, Forms

3 Month
Daily 1 Hour

HTML Programming

HTML Concepts, HTML Editor, Web Designing

3 Months
Daily 1 Hour

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