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Web marketing and promotional services

A ready website is your presence in the wired electronic world. Every business wants growth from website, business output from site, direct customer interaction via site. Today there are over 30 millions websites ready in the world and more getting day by day ready. So in such scenario, our ultimate goal is that more and more people shall now our website name so as they can come and you can have business benefits from them. Our web marketing and promotional plans include setting up advertisement plans on leading web portals and association with various sector and industry specific portals and websites to yield the best of returns for our clientele.

We also offer direct mailers and newsletters service by means of which one can reach with billions of people worldwide. We @ santronix offer world-class and the best email marketing, and newsletter service. Our huge collection of diversified field information and contact addresses all around the world added with specialised methodology of approach, makes your products and services click faster and more appealing.

We honour and take the best care by not promoting and indulging in SPAM and all our mailers includes unsubscribe and report spam features. We believe that a happy and satisfied existing customer is the best means of promotion.

Therefore we offer a specialised newsletter mailer service for educational institutions and large corporates to handle their volume clients and marketing teams or students.

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