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Team Santronix is driven by its passion for technology and fastest adoption to newer IT arena and holds specialty in working on cross technology/ multi-technology platforms for best of solution design, architecture and stability. With its plush new infrastructure located in central place, modern and up to date latest labs equipped with latest software, Team is committed to excel and achieve best of software services standards. Our team is young, energetic, dynamic, and zealous and has fastest adoption to newer means of learning and holds high values and encouragements to our management’s core principles of innovation centric best user experience.

For Placement Agencies:
  • Region's best Employer in IT and ITES Sector
  • Mark up your details with analytics
  • Associate with us in recruiting
  • We support our clients also for openings
  • Better industry insight and servicing
  • Talent/ Experience wisdom
  • Ongoing Openings in various sectors
  • Customised Recruiting facilities for larger openings

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