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World has globally become a single universe of human societies with arrival of mobile and cellular phone networks. Massive promotion and governments support to widen the mobile phones network has usher in new dawn in society with every individual holding one or multiple phone numbers, decent mobile data solution and always up internet connectivity. This phenomenal achievement has aroused tremendous change in society and the way people live and today’s IT industry can now statistically say that mobile internet usage has taken over Laptops/ Computer based internet usage. Hence software solutions demand has now enhanced to need for more of mobile driven applications that are handy and prompt usable. This need has given rise to need of Mobile applications popularly termed as ‘apps’ that generically either uses mobile phone’s operating system features or uses native web platform features to scale itself to display and work on mobile devices.

Today’s mobile apps market is largely influenced by Android based applications in parallel need from iOS and somewhat by windows phones. Mobile app designs have stringent focus on limited memory usage and optimal performance needs and are designed only if solution/ application needs data that is either captured on remote/ offsite location or has features like photo, GPS location, biometric inputs and so on. Santronix specializes in designing mobile apps in cross-platform environments with data driven applications as its core expertise and modern UI designs and optimal performance. Our Application designs ensure always up, data responsiveness, security, faster updates, push notifications, secured admin consoles, security focused web services design, API data exchange through encrypted keys, phone level databases for prompt and responsive execution, cache management, app store and play store management, secured payment gateways integration, session handlers, OTP based authentication and many more key features.

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