Bulk SMS Services

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way businesses work today. SMS text messaging is one such boon from mobile telephony that triggers prompt communication, identification and two ways messaging as well. Such services used through mobile telephony network are available worldwide and are regulated by respective country based regulations to handle transactional and promotional communication traffic.

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Types of SMS Services:

Bulk sms service (push sms)

Ideally used for sending transaction reference communication or to promote specific kind of product/ services. This service is available in both transactional and promotional categories depending on the need

One-time password (OTP sms)

Ideally used service to send authentication tokens/ passwords to register and verify users. We offer OTP messaging with highest delivery rate, blazing fast speed, secured API support, 24x7 support, real time gateway switching for failsafe delivery, retry OTP sms feature, OTP through voice call feature

International messaging

we support and deliver all across globe, you could use our SMS API/ web interface to send messages to other countries at same blazing fast speed and best delivery ratio. Our network infrastructure ensures prompt delivery and delivery status updates for every submission

Short code messaging

perfect tool for getting newer business leads/ enquiries and/ or ideal approach to get user inputs and respond back, avail reply sms message instantly to user without any additional cost. Short codes also avail revenue sharing opportunity within service provider and operator if it has huge incoming message volume. Short codes work only within specified country.

Shared short code

This service works on keyword basis (first word supplied in the message text) to identify user and posts request/ processes and responds back. It is low cost, high return utilization aspect that can be used for smaller or lower volume requirements.

Dedicated short code

ideally used by banking and priority sector services to serve customers efficiently and in flexible manner. Any input message sent to this number is whole readable and can be processed as per application needs to generate desired output.

Long code messaging service

This kind of long code numbers are typically mobile number alike numbers with virtual configuration on operator end to serve high throughput and cost effective means of communication. Users who send messages to this number are charged with normal sms cost as per their billing plan and content/ service provider has to push reply message from its platform in such cases. Long code messaging is suited replacement platform for short code as technically both works the same way.Long code numbers are also available in shared and dedicated mode and they work throughout globe and can receive incoming messages from across the world.

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