MyExam Assist 1.0

Project Details

Application Name:MyExam Assist– Examination/Test management System
Version History:Version 1.0–15/05/2017
Industry/Segment:School/Colleges/Coaching/Speciality Institutes
Platform: Web based–Private Intranet/Public Internet/VPN
Application Type: Deployment/Hosted
Storage/ Data Centre:Secured Business Servers– Dedicated/ Shared
Cloud module:Not available


  • Can be further customized for specific needs of Schools, specialized training institutions
  • Many of the modules can be put together into mobile application for enhanced student participation
  • Both mobile application (Android and/ or iOS) along with web interface can be made in combination
  • Entire application can be made in modern bootstraps for dynamic use in any of device

Product Costing

Rs. 1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs based on modules selected and desired combination of features

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