Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Team Santronix is a group driven by high standard professional values and we understand that our society is equal responsibility of every citizen. Our unique CSR activities uphold us in first row in grooming society and talent of future with projects like Community service portals and youth service projects. We undertake various social, student oriented and community services driven events and activities to mark our societal contribution in overall development.

We have made proactive connects with various educational institutions to offer research, incubation and training activities for passing out students and young talents. This makes sure that resources coming out are equipped with industry learning, good practical know-how and technical capabilities to serve real and live projects as they move into industry. Our incubation and training activities right within academic institutions campus has evoked fabulous response from students and has turned to be one of unique in-campus finishing training to get best of individual skill set.

Santronix is pioneer community web portals services initiative Software Company – may it be SSC/ HSC results or live election results to mega sporting events live broadcast, we have added feathers of popularity in community through our service. Our proactive communication techniques and tools along with fast responsive helplines availed in such web portals are new standards of implementation to many community software solutions and applications coming up.

India is a land of diversity and vivid cultures and communities and most of such community organizations have been using manual or too public modes of communication in interacting with their followers. We are proud to convey that our highest ever and unique set of solutions to such community organizations are big milestones to go technology-savvy. Strong interconnection of social media tools, videos, photos and communication through mobile application and web modules has made their community communication most responsive and fastest and most-updated. Our founder’s keen research area "Technology for community services promotion" has acclaim Santronix in top solution providers in such segment.

Social media on internet has evolved in this decade and India has witnessed massive internet based media usage by young agers as well as women citizens. This excessive obsession for social media based tools with key perspective of age group using it has raised severe and critical state of problems in new generation. Indians earlier proudly known for their good memories are facing chimp in faster memory based learning and executions and at the same time their biggest strength of being good social citizens is dipping down due to higher preference to use of mobile based social media apps and tools rather mixing with friends and family, share and exchange ideas and remain strengthened. Team Santronix is proud to announce launch of ‘Social Media Deaddiction Program (SMDP)’ aimed at spreading awareness on this rising illicit in society and counsel/ assist individuals in coming out of such addiction by means of technological, medical, scientific and spiritual healing. We conduct various SMDP events in association with educational institutions and NGO/ women organisations to keep our society healthy and mentally cheerful.

Are you an educational institution/social organization/women organization/NGO/community service agency looking to actively collaborate with Santronix to execute/conduct CSR based activities? Do use this form to share your query or call us on 0257-2220587/2222587 for further evaluation on your query.

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