GST Assist

Goods and Service Tax regime is unified taxation regime globally implemented to streamline businesses and services tax revenues. This taxation shortly abbreviated as GST was introduced in India on 01st July 2017 and since then has become India’ most talked and worked on taxing perspective. GST Taxation process and its vision document initially stated versus implemented has seen large amount of technical challenges in India and as a result it has seen various amendments from time to time from Governmental authorities.

Today GST tax in India is streamlining and governmental authorities’ reports reveal that revenue figures are improving. Implementation and compliance challenges are variable from segment to segment and right from small trader to big industries need technical support and process related helps to evaluate various concerns from time to time and submit compliance. On the same time, GST portal related challenges on national and respective state level (as every state has again its own portal for GST compliance) and earlier VAT related records matching, returns assessment, refund claims, exports related concerns, import related policies keeps one strongly involved.

GST Assist is Santronix’s flagship tax support and assistance service that aims in serving existing clients and newer businesses, services and industries in small to medium segment. We look forward to support in various areas of GST implementation right from master creation to invoice recording, input credits, returns filling, credit matching, invoice and printing related various requirements, TDS related aspects and so on to ensure that our client fully complies to GST concerns and gets wonderful business grip.

We look forward to hear you to serve the best of GST compliance and solution development and/ or usage. You may revert with your query for more assistance.

Key features of Santronix GST Assist:

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