IVR System

Interactive voice response systems (IVRS) is technical proliferation of computer telephony integration (CTI) that enables and empowers interconnectivity of computer system, internet, telephony in single platform level to avail application development abilities for faster and easy means of communication. IVR applications are popularly categorized in two types on the basis of nature of telephony communication they work on namely inbound and outbound systems and have applications like voice broadcasting, missed call and toll free services.

Team Santronix has worked with global leaders in IVRS systems and has rich service development and execution experience in the field. We have worked on a variety of IVR systems in various genres of segments along with advanced areas like voice based execution and multi-country or multi-location setups with PRI/ VOIP based service delivery architecture.


IVR Services and Automations

Voice broadcast (Outbound)

This is one of very popular IVR service largely used to broadcast/ communicate pre-recorded message to set of mobile and landline numbers through PRI telephone lines based infrastructure setup. We offer ready to send web interface/ API interfacing to broadcast available in operator pulse based billing. Our application supports all popular audio formats and ensures fullest delivery and real time reporting and detailed delivery reports to clients. We ensure maximum redials to ensure best reach in case of network congestions and failure concerns.

Our telephony network supports large blocks of submission at once and can be configured to serve with dedicated/ common number. Web application ensures ease of submission for smallest to biggest application needs like election campaigns, wishing, community information sharing, emergency services and many such aspects

Voice based OTP

Voice based onetime password calling is one such very useful feature that can be integrated by website or mobile applications as secondary or tertiary means of communicating passwords. We offer flexible API, text to speech and custom needs based API access along with maximum redials and high priority non-spam listed telephony lines to ensure your OTP gets delivered instantly

Voice Services (Inbound)

Call centers and agent assisted voice services are typically categorized into inbound IVR services and they are amongst largest used IVR applications. Inbound telephony setup can be further divided into onsite deployment and hosted executions on the basis of infrastructural availability and application needs. We offer hosted inbound services to serve various client needs based on solution or requirement area. Our inbound telephony team has relevant field experience and is extensively trained for execution and prompt reporting to ensure best results for our clients.

Missed call services

Missed call service is India’s unique user innovation that uses telephony infrastructure at full scale without letting end user charged. This application is largely used in mass scale communication and data collection wherein end user can call to designated number (either a mobile or landline number – can be premium or normal number) and once called, automatically disconnected by system with due receipt of caller information and storage and further pass on to client user applications.

This Indian version of telephony usage has mesmerized mass of society and today it is amongst largest used applications in telephony segment for campaigns, data collection, surveys, call back and many more areas of services. Here end user is not charged with any amount and client setting up number has to pay fixed monthly cost to gather database.

Toll free services

Toll free telephony is global standard in communication widely used for no cost (free) communication by end user to setting up organization. Toll free numbers are largely used for customer care services and missed call services to ensure that caller customer is not charged and is able to get best of service support. We avail toll free numbers from India’s leading telephony networks and they work throughout all networks and mobile phones and come with routing features to save cost and web interface for detailed reporting. Client setting up the service has to pay telephony cost for incoming calls on monthly billing basis.

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