SMS Based Automation

Short message service or text messaging service has plethora of features to assist applications/ websites for real time communication and interfacing. On user/ recipient front, this service does not require any internet connectivity thereby works as best independent feature to help application integrators in fastest communication with targeted users. On application/ integrator front, this service is fully internet enabled thereby empower developers to interconnect host of solutions in backend from any remote internet available application to recipient sitting at smallest corner/ point of geo location.

This unique feature and technical capability opens up wide range of applications usage for this platform. Team Santronix with its service expertise and experience in this field of over a decade offers host of application automations with cross integration and ease of use.


Above automations/solutions are just few examples that demonstrate scalability of sms based solution architectures and help developers to achieve best of solutions with no need of end user to have high end devices/ internet connectivity and technical knowhow.

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