MyCollege 2.0

Project Details

Application Name:MyCollege- Educational Institute Management System
Version History:Version 1.0–01/04/2014, 2.0–01/05/2018
Industry/Segment:School/Colleges/Coaching Institutes
Platform: Web based– Public Internet/ VPN
Application Type: Deployment/Hosted
Storage/ Data Centre:Secured Business Servers– Dedicated/ Shared
Cloud module:Available for certain services


  • Can be further customized for specific needs of Schools, specialized training institutions
  • Many of the modules can be put together into mobile application for enhanced student participation
  • Both mobile application (Android and/ or iOS) along with web interface can be made in combination
  • Entire application can be made in modern bootstraps for dynamic use in any of device
  • Additional modules like Result, notes and like assignment based ideas can be further added as per plan.

Product Costing

Rs. 25,000 to 20Lakhs based on modules selected and desired combination of features

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