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We at Santronix believe in power of information sharing and technology to benefit grass root sector of society. Helping society and masses to get desired information and assistance has been amidst one of our major CSR activities. We have pioneered in web and internet services in Country and have benefited society by means of rich in class, at par industrial and professional level support and services experience for not even imagined kind of service levels. We are proud to acclaim and lay foundation stone for internet revolution in region through our leading innovating web portals EJalgaon.com, AjantaCaves.com, SMSCollection.com and ShopForDonation.com. Our web portals have been designed with clear understanding of ease of information sharing through quickest navigation, uniqueness in data, live format data services, interactive helplines, photo and video gallery, data archive and retrieval along with live interactions and results.

Internet revolution begun in India in early 1995 and this was arena when governmental and public services sector was at its weakest technological state with information sharing used as premium data to convey and hide and seek approaches in communication. Even today governmental organizations level monument, city specific services are yet to mature and they are messed either with cumbersome processes or government authorities desired information only. Team Santronix is proud to have identified and registered extensive contribution in this field and has received phenomenal society appreciation for uniqueness in need identification, development, execution and response mechanism.

EJalgaon.com–Jalgaon’s complete reference


A dream city has a destination definition that has organized public services, welfare schemes, business and industrial development platform, recreation/ tourism supportive culture and its historic values well preserved. Team Santronix has ventured unique information and interactive platform that treats the most ordinary citizen of city to its fullest role based requirements and has presented every desired perspective in this portal.

This portal was initiated in earlier 2000, created landmark revolution and ease of information for citizens that is cherished and applauded. Right since year 2000, EJalgaon.com online shopping Jalgaon techies proud of their homeland and eased their task of sharing gifts and sweets with their loved ones living here. EJalgaon.com always leads the technology and IT revolution foray for region and is beloved information source for unique most to toughest challenging live broadcasts as well as mass audience tasks like exam results and elections results. Team Santronix is committed for best of info sharing and interactive perspectives for EJalgaon.com



India is amazing land of historic developments and soul of humanity and spirituality. It has seen many a developments amongst ruling, holistic life and religions. India is host to world’s largest types of spoken languages and has seen birth and progression of many a religions and creeds.

Buddhism is one such most influencing religion that imprinted in India’s cultural heritage and has large scale developments and monumental structures setup in India. Ajanta caves are dedicated to Lord Buddha and have architecture that reflects large space availed for meditation. Caves painting and sculptures depict journey of life of Lord Buddha and various divinities and have large inflow of foreign visitors to view the heritage.

Portal for Ajanta Caves came up with idea of serving rich information and regular updates to Buddhism loving and routinely visiting fraternity and to avail interaction means to visitors for their queries and concerns for visits planning, during visit and post tour situations. Started with smallest form of website, today Ajanta Caves portal is amongst most unique privately run web facilitation that has central information on Ajanta and Ellora caves and also assists visitors professionally to plan and execute their visits.
Team Santronix is dedicated in taking this portal further through various innovative technology driven ideas and contribute its best efforts to ensure visitors get unified and best experience.



Wondering how small piece of generally shared information could be organized to benefit masses? Team Santronix has ushered in its information research to present world’s unique most and shortest time span termed popular web portal SMSCollection.com – This portal has remained youth’s life in early days of mobile revolution in India and is favorite most form of organizing and presenting information and knowledgebase sharing on various internet related perspectives.

Today SMSCollection.com is Santronix’s SMS brand that not only freely shares sms text messages of all good sorts but also serves thousands of clients to use our unified text messaging platform to generate/ send sms messages and do various set of activities. Team Santronix looks forward to modernize and further enhance this portal to avail best of messaging experience.


Shop For Donation

Community services organizations always find it very challenging and tough to keep balancing its revenues to desired expenditure. Large number of projects ran by such organizations either requires sponsorship or funding to work. Internet has revolutionized the way we work and get things done and rapid globalization and increased earnings and buying capacity of everyone.

Leveraging this combined benefit all together, our ShopForDonation.com venture ensures that social and community services organizations get their desired revenue feed in ongoing basis just by appealing to their organization members to buy on popular e-commerce platforms buying through their websites and mobile application.

This featured mobile application and website version ensures and avail continuous revenue from popular merchant sites and opens all new automated multiplier source of income for them. Neither client is charged additional amount for neither such buying nor the portal store any kind of personalized information of buyer. Such active community contribution services can be worked out in e-commerce products, video channels, books selling, e-books and many such aspects. Team Santronix is proud to contribute in this noble cause of humanity and shall continue to put its best efforts in helping such NGO and non-profits.

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