Clients Corner

Team Santronix believes in strong foundation of business principles and has always upheld highest professional standards of services and business communication. At Santronix, we believe in Customer First principles and have proudly achieved highest rate of customer services and retention ratio ever in the Industry. Today Santronix serves thousands of clients in variety of segments ranging from governmental organizations, Corporates, Industries, businesses, startups, educational institutions and entrepreneurs.

For us, every client brings in plethora of technical achievements in milestone, the best of perfection in desired service to be delivered, latest technology based cross platform implementation needs, setting up new standards of service parameters for smallest to critical queries we receive and adding significant business intelligence and value addition to client needs. We believe that every solution and application we design should uphold the best of design and development standards and at the same time it should be scalable from client’s business goals and vision.

New Client

  • Associating with fast growing, experienced software solution provider IT Company
  • Array of domains/business areas served – ensures you of expert solutions from the field
  • Multi-Technology, scalable, robust and cross integration specialists
  • Significant experience in medium to large scale application development, deployment and ongoing monitoring
  • Services quality focused long term sustenance based policy design
  • Creativity in execution– ensure and benefit you with bouquet of service experience
  • Business intelligence focused development– innovate your needs with future scope and vision and add BI values to empower you grow rapidly
  • Your current needs + future vision + our value addition – Specially designed solution just for you
  • Support/mentoring for startups to ensure business upward formation and growth
  • Transparent and detailed Billing with desired tax reflections
  • Special attention and policy for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Priority customer support– to ensure your software solution works 24x7

Existing Client

  • Customer first approach to serve you with delightful and prompt manner
  • Consistency and quality focused selling–no low-cost cheap selling/negative marketing
  • Best uptime/response – Always up business solution design and monitoring
  • Data security– Ensure highest safety standards for your valuable data
  • Archive/Backups/Audits– ensure safest and never lost code tier approaches
  • Service renewal alerts– Email/sms/telephonic alerts and follow ups to ensure in time renewals
  • Transparent communication – well written and communicated approach
  • Intellectual property rights – we value your IPR, our solution proposals ensure this well
  • Want to move – best in class professional experience and support if desired to migrate
  • Industry standard code architecture and deployment
  • Ongoing Info sessions/ seminars/ webinars/ training on various trending topics
  • Your support experience matters – we ensure you get desired support at earliest

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