Tally TDL Development

Tally definition language (TDL) is Tally software’s proprietary scripting tool used for custom development in Tally.ERP9 range of products. This tool/ framework is developed to provide desired set of changes and flexibility or additional modules to users as per the requirement. Entire user interface of Tally.ERP9 is built using TDL process and it does provide rapid development, rendering, data management and integration features.

TDL is action driven language based on definitions and it does emphasizes on reusability. It comprises of data and objects and helps developer to customer user experience by adding desired additional elements in screen. Data objects used in TDL are mainly used in addition to Tally’s own database and Tally has given flexible controls to utilize these default data objects in addition to creation of newer ones. Tally TDL language code can either be directly used in Tally as add-on or can be precompiled for specific Tally serial number and then used to save source code.

Team Santronix has worked extensively in Tally development platform and offers variety of TDL solutions on the basis of client needs and solution level requirements. We design and develop TDL modules with clear focus on good design, scalability, and data stability and cross compatibility. Our TDL development team comprises of experienced Tally TDL development professionals with good hands on experience in Tally and product innovation needs. Our TDL solutions developed in Tally have clear focus on optimal platform utilization, good speed, no cursor jumps, good exception handling and solution driven blocks architecture for stability.

Santronix TDL solutions:

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