SSL Certificates

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Security is one of most important perspectives on internet. Virtual world is changing phenomenon everyday with rapidly rising malwares, adware, Trojans and ransomwares. Global web services started with trust and communication as key parameters and now as it matures further there is variable change in the field that reflects aggression and thrust for data first access, demand for deeper use of internet availed data without consent of data owners and above all harmful means of data injections with clear intention of troubling the host and capturing the entry level user to mollified pathway. Therefore, strong need for data management and communication security has arose and SSL certificates play this crucial role of encrypting user level data and sending to client browser to display.

Secured socket layer certificates work on principles of data encryption and decryption and serves data to requesting client browser so as no one in middle could either see or read it and data remains secured. SSL certificates are available in four formats/ types which includes basic SSL certificate, identity based SSL certificate, domain level wild card certificate and extended mode validation certificates.

Santronix offers SSL certificates entrusted by global leaders in the industry and have wide acceptance and compatibility with all leading internet browsers and applications. SSL certificates are available in various types as varied by providers on international levels.


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